Nick Rhodes shoots the Bloom Twins for The Untitled Magazine

If you would have told me one day that I’d be working with the legendary musician Nick Rhodes from Duran Duran, I would never have believed you. But one of his passions is photography, and luckily for me, I was asked to collaborate with him on a shoot with the Bloom Twins.

I first came across the girls when they modelled for a Levi’s and Liberty collaboration. The press event had come to an end and the girls mentioned to the PR that they were singers… The reaction in the room was the usual, ok, models who think they can sing… Sure. They began harmonising and it was shockingly great. Their vibe is different, a little dark, a little mysterious and I love that. And the fact that they are twins, and models, well it’s just the perfect combo. They were an absolute pleasure to work with as was Mr Rhodes. The Bulgari Hotel was taken over by amazing gowns, headpieces and jewels. Thank you to all the incredible designers who we featured. A stylist’s dream…

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